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Charting Our Financial Milestones

Summary of Major Acquisitions, Divestitures and Financings

Review our extensive history as lead counsel for significant business transactions and financial structures that have shaped our legal experience. This historical summary showcases our commitment to providing top-tier legal expertise and strategic counsel in a wide range of business transactions. We take pride in our track record of success and the valuable relationships we’ve built over the years.

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PURCHASERAsset Acquisition35.0Goldman, Sachs & Co.
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loan35.0Mercantile National Bank of Dallas, First National Bank of Oklahoma
ISSUERSubordinated Debentures1.7Mercantile Dallas Corp.
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition22.5-
BORROWERRevolving Loan40.0Mercantile Texas Credit Corp., Foley & Lardner (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture2.5-
PURCHASERStock Tender Offer71.0Goldman, Sachs & Co., Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (attorneys), Kidder, Peabody & Co., Davis Polk & Wardwell (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loans71.0Citicorp Industrial Credit, Inc., Sidley & Austin (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.3-
SELLERAsset Divestiture0.2-
SELLERStock Sale0.6-
SELLERStock Sale1.7-
SELLERAsset Divestiture2.2-
SELLERAsset Divestiture16.0-
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.0Gardner, Carton & Douglas (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture3.2Faegre & Benson (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture5.5-
SELLERAsset Divestiture6.0Godfrey & Kahn, P.C. (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture27.0Thompson & Knight (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition7.0-
PURCHASERStock Acquisition3.3-
SELLERAsset / Stock Divestiture10.0Winstead, McGuire, Sechrest & Minick (attorneys)
PURCHASERStock Tender Offer30.0Sutro & Co. Incorporated, Lillick & McHose (attorneys)
PURCHASERStock Tender Offer783.0Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, The First Boston Corporation, Citicorp, N.A., Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture25.0Thompson & Knight (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition4.0-
PURCHASERAsset / Stock Acquisition259.0Lazard Freres & Co., Davis Polk & Wardwell (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loans190.0Citicorp, N.A., Sidley & Austin (attorneys)
ISSUERSenior Subordinated Debentures225.0The First Boston Corp., Cravath, Swaine & Moore
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition12.0Sidley & Austin (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.0-
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.0-
PURCHASERStock Acquisition0.7-
ISSUERIndustrial Revenue Bond Offering1.9Cabaniss, Johnston, Gardner, Dumas & O’Neal (attorneys)
PURCHASERStock Acquisition35.0Monroe & Lemann (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loans21.0Sanwa Business Credit Corp., Goldman, Sachs & Co., Winston & Strawn, Sullivan & Cromwell (attorneys)
ISSUERSubordinated Debentures10.0Saudi International Bank, Coudert Brothers (attorneys)
ISSUERCommon and Preferred Stock8.5Banque Paribas, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition6.3-
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition9.5Locke, Purnell, Rain, Harrell (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt and Revolving Loans12.0Foothill Capital Corp., Buchhalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger (attorneys)
ISSUERSubordinated Notes1.5-
ISSUERCommon Stock1.0-
PURCHASERStock Acquisition0.5Dickson Minto W.S. (attorneys), Armstrong, Teasdale, Schlafly, Davis & Dicus (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition0.2Tuggle, Duggins, Meschan & Elrod (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition0.3-
BORROWERSenior Debt and Term Loans0.3-
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition1.1-
BORROWERSenior Debt and Term Loans1.3-
SELLERAsset Divestiture80.0Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset / Stock Acquisition25.0Dickson Minto W.S. (attorneys), Edge & Ellison, Calow Easton (attorneys), Buchanan Ingersoll (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition0.3Stark & Stark (attorneys), Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith, Ravin & Davis (attorneys)
SELLERStock Divestiture3.5Brown & Bain (attorneys)
ISSUERBond Refinancing2.6Phelps Dunbar (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt and Revolving Loans125.0Citicorp, N.A., Sidley & Austin (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture0.8Calhoun, Gump, Spillman & Stacy (attorneys)
PURCHASERReal Estate Acquisition1.6-
LENDERSenior Debt Refinancing10.5Texas Commerce Bank, National Association
BORROWERSenior Debt Refinancing105.0Citicorp USA, Inc., Banque Paribas, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
BORROWERReal Estate Financing10.0Job Development Authority (NY), Urban Development Corp. (NY)
BORROWERSenior Debt Refinancing2.5New York State Urban Development Corp., Sidley & Austin (attorneys)
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition1.0-
PURCHASERReal Estate Acquisition0.6-
BORROWERSenior Debt Refinancing20.0Citicorp USA, Inc., Banque Paribas, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (attorneys)
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.9-
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.2-
LENDERForeclosure Sale40.0-
SELLERAsset Divestiture1.2-
SELLERAsset Divestiture0.5-
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition0.2-
PURCHASERStock Acquisition2.0Edge & Ellison (attorneys), Ungerman Hill, P.C. (attorneys)
PURCHASERStock Acquisition12.3Goodwin Procter & Hoar, Rutan & Tucker, Groh, Carroll & Stern
PURCHASERAsset Acquisition20.0King & Spalding (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loans35.0Foothill Capital Corp., Bell Atlantic, Tricon Leasing Corp.
ISSUERCommon and Preferred Stock10.0Eddie Haggar Limited, Inc., LKCM Venture Partners
SELLERStock Divestiture100.0SnyderGeneral Corp., O.Y.L. Industries Berhad, CS First Boston Corp., Smith Barney, Cahill, Gordon & Reindell (attorneys), Haynes & Boone (attorneys)
BORROWERSenior Debt Term and Revolving Loans270.0Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank Bumiputra Malaysia, Citicorp USA, Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Societe General, Mayer, Brown & Platt (attorneys), Kramer, Levin, Naftalis, et al (attorneys), Haynes & Boone (attorneys)
ISSUERSubordinated Debenture Redemption250.0Chemical Bank
START-UPLimited Partnership1.0Area Investors
START-UPLimited Partnership1.2Area Investors
ROLL-UP VENTURESenior Debenture1.0Retail and Restaurant Growth Capital
ROLL-UP VENTUREConvertible Preferred1.0Hunt Capital
SELLERStock for Stock Exchange5.0Nautica Corporation
SELLERStock for Cash2.5Air Mac, Inc.
SELLERStock for Cash6.0Fastener Specialty, Inc.

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Michael is extremely brilliant about all aspects of corporate law. He was legal counsel for two companies I was employed with and he consistently gives sound advice and guidance. I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Michael.

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Michael has been a legal advisor and counsel to Prakat for over 6 years. Michael is extremely professional and detailed oriented. His legal agreements/contracts are very effective, allowing us the peace of mind that Prakat is running a legally sound business with Michael’s legal guidance. I have personally recommended Michael to a number of friends and business associates. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for business legal services.

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